How to Brighten Your Home This Winter

Even with the shortest (and darkest) day of the year behind us, the winter season is in full-swing, leaving our homes a bit darker than a lot of us prefer. When it is too cold and wet to go outdoors, creating a bright and cozy environment indoors is the best way to thrive until spring is back again!

Here are some easy and effective ways to brighten your home this winter!

Switch Out Your Light Bulbs

Though this tip may seem simple, it can make a huge difference! Whether you choose to go with new bulbs of the ones you already use, or you opt for something brighter, there is no doubt that you will get more out of your light fixtures when you really need them the most!

Bonus tip: There are light bulbs/lamps called “happy lights” that mimic sunlight and are especially helpful to those with seasonal affective disorder.

Utilize Mirrors

One home decor trick that will not only lighten up a room, but make it feel more spacious is using mirrors! Strategically placing mirrors in corners of the room, next to windows, or on shelves help to reflect and maximize existing light.

Lighten Up Your Furniture

Curtains and drapes, rugs, slipcovers for sofas and chairs are all easy and effective pieces of home decor to swap seasonally for lighter colors to brighten up your space!

Remove Your Screens

Since windows and doors are rarely left open this time of year, remove the screens to let in more light, you may be surprised at the difference this can make!

Add Art

Adding bright pieces of artwork around your home not only adds your own personal touch to your space, but adds pops of colors to every room!

Create Green Space

Bring the outdoors in by adding houseplants to your home! Not only does this bring life and color to the house, but it also can mimic the green outdoor space that is not usually available in the winter months.

Take Advantage of the Season

It has become a running joke that people want to leave their holiday decorations up well into January, but the truth is that decorations add a lot of light we do not normally use in our homes. Take advantage of the season and put up string lights in bedrooms or common spaces! Candles are another great way to make any space feel brighter and more cozy!

With these simple and effective tips, your home will stay so bright and cozy that spring will be here before you know it!

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