9 Holiday Hosting Tips for a Stress-Free Experience

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The holidays are fast approaching and now’s the time to prepare for that exciting holiday party you’ve got on the mind! No matter if it’s for family or friends, you can easily make a stress-free experience for all with these holiday hosting tips.

Decide On the Type of Party

Most important is to decide what type of party you will be throwing. Is the party going to be a potluck, or are you preparing all the food and beverages on your own? Depending on how much involvement it requires from others, you may have more or less on your plate to plan for. Picking an overall party theme is something else to consider, too.

Create a Facebook Event

A super easy way to organize any event is a Facebook Event page. This allows your guests to paperless RSVP so you can save the earth while gauging an estimated headcount. And! Get this: You can post updates as needed as you inch closer to the date. Running low on X, ask a guest to pick some up, etc.

Don’t Play Bartender

Instead of adding an extra level of stress to the evening by making yourself the designated bartender, avoid the chaos by setting up a drink station where your guests can DIY their own cocktails!

Think About How You Can Add a Personal Touch

Could you handwrite all place cards? Make something personal as party favors for your guests (a candle to take home for the winter, perhaps)? Adding something special for the guests to remember the party by.

Make Ahead Meals

If you are able to create + freeze some of your dishes ahead of time, that’s ideal. Making appetizers and other freezable dishes the day or morning before can save you a lot of time, and in addition, making sure to pick relatively easy-to-prepare foods is equally helpful.

Opt for Paper

When buying plates, cups and cutlery for the evening, opt for paper to reduce cleanup and that pile of dishes in the sink by the end of the night. It’s worth the money to have peace of mind.

Pick a Playlist

If you’re a Spotify member, you can find a variety of pre-made playlists with holiday tunes or seasonal vibes, reducing the amount of work you have to do attempting to customize your own playlist (although you can do that, too). Choose the playlist(s) you desire before the night-of to avoid scrambling last minute.

Plan the Night

For a cost-effective party, make a list of fun games and entertainment that you can do on the spot. You could even enlist everyone to bring a gift for White Elephant!

Offer Takeout

Purchase to-go boxes and offer that the guests can take some food for the road as the party winds down! This way you aren’t stuck with a bunch of leftovers you are unable to consume in time, and it makes cleanup that much easier + effective!

Did you enjoy these tips? Comment below to add your own! Happy Hosting 🙂

Holiday Hosting Tips