Quintessential Spring Hiking Gear to Have in Your Arsenal

Lately we’ve been on the topic of the great outdoors. Now that I have given you my must-stop-spots for spring, along with some invigorating hikes for the winter, this blog post I’ve decided to let you in on some of my favorite essential gear for the rainy season. 

Whatever distance you are hiking, there are a few items that must be brought. The most obvious would be a backpack, preferably with a rain cover. This will allow you to bring the true essentials detailed down below.

Water, though seemingly everywhere in the PNW, is a must-have when on a hiking excursion. Often times, river and stream water is OK to drink if filtered. To ensure you are staying safe and away from any parasites, it’s always best to bring your own. 

Bringing a map, headlamp, and first aid kit starts becoming more necessary the longer the hike. As a good rule of thumb, stick to packing these items for any hike ranging over five miles long. In addition to these three, packing a way to start fire (matches, lighter, etc.), some extra food, and a knife can be a life saver, literally. 

Now that we’ve gotten the boring safety items out of the way, let’s get into the fun stuff. When it comes to the spring season, rain is almost guaranteed. With this, we want to prepare properly and avoid wet feet and cold shivers. A solid pair of water-proof boots can aid with the first problem, with a water proof outer-layer solving the next.

Trekking poles, though not used by everyone, can be helpful with avoiding slips and tumbles of freshly unburied land after the snow melt. In addition to grip, trekking poles allow you test the depth of puddles along with the stability of the upcoming path.

I hope this helped you better prepare for getting outside and enjoying the weather. Let me know if you have any questions or additional recommendations! 

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