Let the Light Shine In – Tips to a Brighter Home and You!

Tips for a Brighter Home

We all know that winter is a season of darkness, especially here in the Pacific Northwest. Gloomy, rainy days can bring us all down and even make it so we don’t want to leave our home. So why not brighten our homes to boost our mood and give us more motivation for that beautiful, crisp spring weather that’s just around the corner? Here are some easy, inexpensive ways to brighten your home and your mood.

Wash Windows

Take a good look at those windows of yours, are they cloudy? Maybe they have water spots and possibly some streaks from the winter season. When was the last time you washed your windows, if ever? Taking some soapy water or window cleaner to your window will instantly brighten the light that enters your home.

Unblock Windows

Having furniture in front of your windows not only can block the light from entering your home, but it can make your space feel bigger. Which can also brighten and lighten the room. So rearrange that room and unblock those newly cleaned windows!


Painting your walls a light, neutral color can brighten your space and even make it feel lighter. Do you already have a light color on your walls? Paint the same color to refresh the paint if it’s been a while.


What kind of curtains do you have in your home? The color of the curtains matters too. Are they dark and heavy? Change it up by using a lighter fabric, such as linen or a sheer fabric. If you need room darkening curtains, you can still opt for a lighter color! Don’t have curtains? Open those blinds daily!


A dirty home is full of dust, grime, even if your eyes can’t see it, and clutter. Putting everything that’s out of place back where it belongs, dusting, mopping and deep cleaning can brighten your day and your home. Turn on some tunes, pick up that duster and get to work! Imagine how good it will feel to kick back and relax in a dust free home.


Replace your lightbulbs to a white LED instead of one with a yellow tint. There are so many options for lightbulbs now and it’s a great way to make your home brighter, even when it’s dark out.


Mirrors reflect light and make your room feel larger. Both brighten any room. Not only will you add a cute piece of décor to your room, but you’ll brighten it as well!

Add Plants

Plants add life to any space. Here is a list of plants that boost the oxygen levels and your mood.

Does your home need to be brighter? I hope these tips come in handy to help you begin the process!

Tips for a Brighter Home