10 Simple Swaps for a More Sustainable Home

When it comes to making purchases for your household, the best option is always the one that gives you the most bang-for-your-buck. When it comes to sustainability it is a win-win situation – you save money and the environment! The stigma that living a more sustainable life involves more sacrifice and discomfort than reward could not be more untrue. In fact, most people barely notice a difference when making the switch to more environmentally-friendly products!

In anticipation for Earth Day, here are 10 simple swaps for a more sustainable household!

Non-Plastic Wrap

Swap out your aluminum foil and plastic wrap for a reusable, non-plastic option like beeswax wrap! Reusable wraps can be used just the same as any other cling-on wrap – for preserving produce, packing a sandwich, covering leftovers and more! In between uses just wash it with gentle soap and cool water and let it air-dry.They last up to a year and when it is time to replace them, simply cut it up for composting or use it as a fire-starter!

Tea Strainer

Ditch single-use tea bags and opt for using loose leaf tea! Many tea bags are not only non-biodegradable, making them bad for the environment, but many are made with harmful toxins, making them bad for you! Using a stainless steel tea ball or a tea strainer is a healthier option not only for you and the environment, but drinking loose leaf tea also allows you to buy tea in more bulk options, saving you money and ending a lot of environmental waste!

Glass Storage

Glass storage and glass tupperware are another sustainable swap that helps you and the environment! Chemicals used to make plastic storage containers can get into your food, plus they do not last as long as glass containers. Glass storage also makes it easier to buy in bulk, helping to ditch single-use food packaging items. Pro-tip: take your glass tupperware with you when you go out to eat to bring home your leftovers!

Reusable Coffee Cups

Help stop waste on-the-go with single-use coffee cups and opt for a reusable one! Though a lot of shops are making strides to be more sustainable, a lot of coffee cups cannot be recycled due to the plastic lining in the cups or lids. Bring your cup or thermos with you when you hit up your local coffee shop, some shops may give you a small discount for bringing in your own cup!

Reusable Storage Bags

Reusable storage bags are the new trend in sustainable living! Like single-use plastic bags, you can find these in all shapes and sizes. Compared to the plastic option, these reusable bags have far more functions. Since they are typically made with silicon, some of these bags allow you to not only freeze them, but cook with them as well!

Cotton Rounds

Next to the kitchen, the bathroom provides a lot of opportunities for more sustainable products. Washable cotton rounds are a great substitute and money saver for single-use cotton rounds. These work just as well for facial cleansing and makeup removal and most of them include a small garment bag so washing and reusing are easy!

Reusable Grocery Bags

This switch is another one of the most popular habits in starting to live a greener lifestyle! Opting for reusable cotton bags over plastic bags is an easy way to help prevent waste. One of the most helpful ways to start and keep this habit is having a designated spot in your car for your bags and getting into the habit of putting your bags back in that spot once your groceries are unloaded to ensure you always have them!

Reusable Water Bottles

We are almost at the point where you could stand out if you are not using a reusable water bottle! Not only do plastic water bottles waste money, but from production to disposal, they are very harmful for the environment. Opt for a home water purifier and invest in a reusable water bottle to ditch single-use plastic water bottles!

Cloth Napkins/Rags

One of the most-used kitchen items is paper towels. Save some money and the planet and opt for cloth! Cloth napkins, rags and towels can be used with just as much convenience as paper towels and they are reusable!

Soap Bars

Avoid all the plastic waste that comes with plastic soap dispensers and opt for bar soap! Not only are there more options to support local businesses with bar soap, but most of them have more functional uses than a soap dispenser. A lot of soap bars can be used for hands, face and body!

Living a more sustainable life does not happen overnight, but with small, simple changes we can help divert a lot of waste and save money doing it!