The Best Summer Spots Across Washington State

After the first heatwave of the summer and loosening safety restrictions this year, people are getting out of their homes and hitting the roads to enjoy the warm weather all across the state! No matter what part of the state you call home, Washington is never short on the perfect summer getaways!

Here is our list of the best summer spots across Washington state!

Northwest Washington

Olympic National Forest

Escape the heat and get lost in the trees in the Olympic National Forest, part of the Olympic National Park and surrounding the breathtaking Olympic Mountain range. With activities like hiking, fishing, horseback riding and more, it is the perfect place to explore this summer!

Southwest Washington

Long Beach

Looking for a beach experience without wanting to cross state lines? Long Beach is the perfect spot for the summer! Not only is there plenty of shopping, kid’s activities and camping options available here, but at 28-miles long, it is also the World’s Longest Drivable Beach!

Central Washington

Lake Cle Elum

Located right on the other side of Snoqualmie Pass, Lake Cle Elum is a beautiful hidden body of water just seven miles north of the city of Cle Elum. With a sandy beach, clear and cool water, and a fishing season that is open all year long, it is the perfect destination to cool off from the summer heat and enjoy breathtaking views of this mountain lake!

North Central Washington

Lake Chelan

In a little valley about 180 miles northeast of Seattle, Lake Chelan is the summer oasis everyone is looking for! This beautiful, glacier-fed body of water is cool, crystal clear, and surrounded by orchards and vineyards. Vacationers have the option of watersports, boating, a waterpark, golf courses, campsites, beautiful lodging, wine-tasting, and more! This is definitely a Washington summer must, and we recommend making this trip longer than a weekend!

Eastern Washington

Spokane Riverfront Park

If you are looking for a more urban experience, this 100-acre park right on the Spokane River is the place for you! It offers a great view of upper Spokane Falls, walkways, a carousel, gondola rides, a giant Red Wagon playground, and more! It is the perfect mix if you are looking to get some scenic views and enjoy the benefits of a big city in the summer with excellent cuisine and shopping!

We hope this list is helpful wherever you are in the state for packing up and hitting the road for your summer adventures!

How to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Celebration

It is that time of year again, with birthdays, engagements, and “Dads and Grads” the season for outdoor celebrations is in full swing! After a year apart, this spring season has been more than a breath of fresh air in getting to come together once again, but there is no doubt that outdoor gatherings will still be the most popular way to celebrate together again this year.

Make the most of your outdoor celebrations with these tips!


Though there is a good chance people will be up playing games, getting food, and walking around, make sure to provide enough seating for all of your guests. The great thing about being outside is that it gives you options to utilize nontraditional seating options like a blanket or sheet area for picnic-style seating, poufs, stools, rocking chairs, and alike. Nontraditional seating will also give your space a more unique look compared to traditional tables and chairs.


Music is a must for any outdoor celebration! Remember, it does not have to be blasting loud or come from any fancy speaker set-up, since sound carries outdoors, all you need is a well-placed standard speaker. Since you do not want to be worrying about music selection in the middle of your party, create a general playlist that lasts for at least five hours. With music selection you can never go wrong going heavy on the classics, this ensures everyone feels included recognizing the songs and most classics are upbeat and perfect for the party atmosphere!

Bug Control

Nothing is more fun than a summer night celebration, but the one thing that always seems to slip the mind until it is too late is mosquito control!             Plan ahead and tackle this pesky problem before it starts by removing any standing water, plug in a fan on low (mosquitoes are weak flyers and moving air will keep them away), and having bug spray readily available for guests to use.


For an outdoor evening party, lighting is everything. Guests do not want to be trying to eat in the dark or be blinded by bright porch lights. Getting creative with soft lighting options will help give the celebration a warm and welcoming feel. Like the seating options, outdoor events allow for you to use nontraditional lighting options to make the decorations and layout more unique to you. String lights, lanterns, candles, and tealights are great options!

Intentional Layout

One of the best things about being outdoors for a gathering is that instead of working around the layout of a home or event center, you essentially have a blank canvas to make your own! Get intentional about how you set up your party space! Have a designated space for food and drinks, an area for games, and do not forget to create conversational gathering areas that allow people to have a comfortable space to sit and talk.


Whether you are throwing a backyard BBQ or an elegant outdoor engagement party, the details make all the difference! Throw pillows, drink serving trays, fresh flowers, blanket baskets, a “drink of the night” – whatever the occasion, adding your own special touch will put the party over the top!

Happy celebrating!

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