How to Add Value to Your Home: A Fall Checklist

As the leaves begin to transform our neighborhoods into a beautiful palette of oranges, golds and reds and the cold weather leads to the packing away of summer clothes and the arrival of the highly anticipated “sweater weather,” our homes need to prepare for the coming winter months as well.

There are some small and simple ways to turn that fall checklist into an investment by tacking on a few more to-do’s that can add value to your home!

Gutter Clutter

With the falling leaves, it is easy for gutters to get filled up and clogged, which can end up causing rust and corrosion, not to mention potential exterior water damage. Do yourself and your home a favor and add mesh guards to your newly cleaned gutters to prevent future debris from piling up!

Roof Repair

Before the cold rain and snow hits, one major way to increase your home’s value and prepare for the winter is to keep up your roof maintenance. Take some time and do a thorough roof inspection, checking for any damage or possible leak locations. If you are looking to put your house on the market in the coming year, investing in a new roof appeals to potential buyers because it eliminates their need to budget for roof repairs.

Furnace Focus

The last thing your family needs to worry about in the dead of winter is issues with your indoor-heating system. Not only will inspecting and updating your furnace give you peace-of-mind when the temperatures hit freezing, but upgrades add value to your home by giving the low-maintenance appeal when it is time to sell.

Winter Windows

Window maintenance is essential when it comes to the internal temperatures of your home. Without proper care, your windows can make your home feel like a greenhouse in the summer and an icebox in the winter. Make some time to check your windows for air leaks and seal up any cracks between door and window frames, between trim and siding and wherever pipes or wires enter your home. This helps prevent moisture from getting in your house and it is a very inexpensive way to prevent major interior damage. Investing in new windows has also proven to be a major selling point in adding to your home’s value.

Clutter-Free Curbs

Before your sidewalks, walkways and driveway get buried in snow and rain, take time to clear any clutter and potential hazards from becoming hidden in the winter months. Raking, mowing and cleaning up outdoor areas not only prevents accidents, but also adds curb-appeal to potential buyers.

Though most items on the fall home maintenance checklist are simple and inexpensive, taking time to put a little extra energy and money into the areas that matter will make a huge difference when it comes time to put your house on the market!

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