The Do’s and Don’ts of Adding an Accent Wall

It seems like every year we get more creative on ways to brighten our homes when the dark and dreary winter months are upon us. We can add new lighting features, purchase new art and change the pillow covers on the sofa to help liven up our spaces, but one of the newly trending ways to give our home a little spruce is by adding accent walls! Accent walls are a great way to add color and personality to otherwise dark and unnoticeable corners around the house. With so many different options and techniques, here are some helpful tips and tricks in starting the process of adding accent walls!

The Do’s

Do be strategic about choosing your wall. The best way to get the most out of adding an accent wall to a room is by choosing a wall that is already a focal point of the room. For example, in a bedroom, the best wall to choose would be the one that the headboard is on. In a living room, the wall that has a mantleplace or the television on it is a great one to add some design to.

Do consider the existing colors in the room. Depending on your own design style, you may have a lot of (or very little) colors to consider before choosing a design for your accent wall. Things like furniture, artwork, rugs and even the other walls/ceiling colors all need to be taken into consideration when choosing any color or design you wish to add.

Do be bold. The purpose of an accent wall is to add creativity and character into a room, so don’t be afraid to let the creative juices flow! If you are working with a room that is mostly neutral colors, consider what could really make your accent wall pop! Whether it’s a bold solid color or even adding a pattern to the wall, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.

The Don’t’s

Don’t be afraid of texture. One of the greatest things about accent walls is that they can be whatever you want them to be. Not interested in painting it a solid color? Consider adding texture to the wall instead with stone, wood or tile!

Don’t forget to consider the lighting. Remember that lighting can be everything when it comes to making design decisions in your home. Consider what kind of natural light and home lighting you have in the room when deciding which wall to use as your focal point and what kind of colors you want to add. For example, choosing the wrong color or placement can create bright light effects or even make a room look smaller.

Don’t forget to consider wallpaper. When it comes to home design, wallpaper has made a comeback! Using a beautifully-patterned wallpaper for an accent wall is a great way to liven up your space. With the more modern “peel and stick” wallpaper, it has never been easier to add a beautiful design to your designated accent wall.

However you choose to design your space, a stunning accent wall is a great way to brighten up your space this winter and add a unique touch of you to your home!

How to Care for Houseplants in the Winter

Everyone has their own ways of making it through the dark days of winter, and for many people houseplants are the go-to way to keep spirits high by creating their own greenspace indoors while the trees are still bare outside. Though we all get into our plant-care routine, it is hard to remember that plants need different care when the seasons change.

Here are some helpful tips to keep your plants healthy this winter!

Pick the Perfect Spot

Winter is a tricky time when it comes to finding the perfect spot for your houseplant. Blasts of cold air from windows and blasts of hot air from heaters are both not ideal environments. The ideal temperature for indoor plants is between 65-75°F. The other very important factor that goes into finding the perfect winter home for your plants is providing as much sunlight as possible.

Pro tip: If your plants still are not getting enough sunlight, opt for a grow lamp/full-spectrum light bulb to give them all the light they need!

Keep them Clean

Help your plants soak up as much light as they can by keeping them clean! Dusting your houseplants helps prevent the pores in the leaves from getting clogged, which slows down the process of photosynthesis.

Pro tip: Instead of simply dusting them off, every few weeks give your plants a little bath! Whether you put your plants in the tub and rinse them with a hand-sprayer or simply wipe them down with a damp towel, this will help keep your plants clean and healthy.

Reduce Watering

Underwatering and overwatering plants is one of the top ways people lose their healthy houseplants. It is helpful to learn about each of your plants and understand the right amount of watering and the healthy watering schedule to keep them luscious and happy. This schedule, however, changes with the weather. Plants tend to become more dormant in the colder months due to less light, which leads to less growth, meaning that they need less water. A good rule of thumb is to water once the first inch or two of soil is dry, otherwise steer clear because overwatering can lead to your plants sitting in wet soil which can cause molds and funguses to grow.

Pro tip: Water with warm water in the winter, not only will this keep your plant hydrated, but it will help them grow by keeping them warm!

Keep Misting

Even though plants need less water in the winter, misting your plants every few days is a great way to keep them happy and healthy! Misting helps mimic a more natural environment when things like fog, rain and dew occur outdoors, especially during the winter months.

With these helpful tips, you and your plants will be going strong all winter long!

Five Ways to Make Use of Your Home’s Unused Spaces

We all have those spaces in our homes that we really wish we could do more with. Empty space under the stairs, attics or basements going unused, and awkward corners are all opportunities to utilize every inch of your home.

Here are five ways to make use of your home’s unused spaces!

Attic Suites

Probably one of the most forgotten places in a home is the attic. With organization trends gaining popularity and the minimalism trending close behind, attics are not being used as often as they have been in the past. Take advantage of all that extra space and add an additional room to your home! Though this is a larger investment, an attic suite makes the perfect kid’s room for families, guest bedroom and even office space (not to mention the added value it gives your home as well)!

A Nook Under the Stairs

The area under the stairs may be the perfect place to add some extra organization or even a workspace to your home ! If your stairs create a little nook, utilize that space by adding in a light, small desk and chair and use it as a central place to keep and organize bills, your home calendar, and any other administrative home projects. If you have a solid space under your stairs, with the help of a contractor, you could use that space to create a coat closet, small mudroom, or off-season storage space.

Cozy Corners

We all have those few corners in the house that we just do not know what to do with. For a really simple solution, plants are an excellent way to fill a corner and liven up a space! To go the extra mile, by adding a corner chair and a reading light, the space turns into a reading nook! You can also add a small shelf, table or desk to add a little more organization and workspace options for your home as well.

Basement Rec Room

Have an empty basement space? Make it the entertainment hub of your home! There are so many options when it comes to basement areas. Though they may be more of an investment, it will be worth it in the long-run. Invest in a projector and turn your basement into a home theater!  Add a pool, ping-pong, or foosball table and make your space into a game room! For a bigger project, renovate the area to give your home a beautiful guest suite.

Creative Closet Space

Transform closet spaces that are going unused by removing the door and creating a small alcove! This allows for more options to redo your closet into a more practical place. By adding a small desk and a fun office chair, you can turn your closet into a home office space. Put up some shelving and your closet becomes a small home library. For something really unique, install some bottle racks, a mini fridge and some fun lighting and turn your closet into a home bar!

Every home has its unused areas and empty corners, but with a little creativity and these helpful tips you can utilize your home to make every space unique and useful!

2019 Interior Design Trends to Watch For

Every New Year brings a sense of revival in several aspects of our lives. A healthier you is always on the agenda, but what about our homes? Our home should be our escape and a relaxing retreat from the world around us. What better way to make it a place of comfort than to follow some of the décor trends for the year? Here are 7 fantastic 2019 interior design trends to give you some inspiration!


Black and White

This trend creates an amazing visual contrast.  The softness of the white mixed with the boldness of the black is a timeless look for any room in the house!



In 2019, less is definitely more. Simplicity and minimal living is a great way to bring peace to your home as well as your life. Be strategic in your purchases and buy pieces you truly value.  Everything needs a place and overly crowded surfaces are out.  Appreciate your space and decorate with purpose. A good simple rule to a minimal lifestyle: Keep it simple.


Bold Patterned Tile

Clean, white kitchens have been popular for a few years.  This year will bring a fun new revamp on a classic style.  A bold patterned tile and bright pops of color will add a fun twist for a fresh new look!  Don’t be afraid to be bold!

Interested in another fun display of bold tile?  Try it around your fireplace!


Mixed Metals

Metal accents are a fantastic way to add variety and depth to any room. Getting a good mix of warm, cool and neutral metals will perk up a space that needs some fun.  Pick a dominant metal and add from there!  Don’t be shy!  There’s no going wrong when adding this timeless look to any style.

Warm Metals: Brass, copper and gold.

Cool Metals: Aluminum, stainless steel and other silver metals.

Neutral Metals: Cast Iron and black metals.


Plants and Greenery

Whether they are fresh or faux, adding greenery with plants adds life to your space.  Pick greens that speak to you and your home.  Add some interest by placing it in a fun basket or pot. Try hanging it from the ceiling, sitting it on a shelf, counter or the floor.  The more greenery you have, the better!


Bold Art

Bold art pieces are a great way to add personality to your living spaces.  Find pieces that truly speak to you. No matter the color or style, make it big and make a statement!



Boho is back and with a modern twist. The boho style brings life and culture to all living spaces.  Layering boho inspired décor and fun patterned fabrics bring texture and a vibrant look to any room. Adding statement pieces against a crisp, modern white is exactly what you need to achieve the boho vibe.

I hope these interior design tips inspire you to make positive changes in your life and home and motivate you to celebrate your own individual style! How did you decide to implement these trends? Leave your feedback in the comments below!

2019 interior design trends

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