How to Care for Houseplants in the Winter

Everyone has their own ways of making it through the dark days of winter, and for many people houseplants are the go-to way to keep spirits high by creating their own greenspace indoors while the trees are still bare outside. Though we all get into our plant-care routine, it is hard to remember that plants need different care when the seasons change.

Here are some helpful tips to keep your plants healthy this winter!

Pick the Perfect Spot

Winter is a tricky time when it comes to finding the perfect spot for your houseplant. Blasts of cold air from windows and blasts of hot air from heaters are both not ideal environments. The ideal temperature for indoor plants is between 65-75°F. The other very important factor that goes into finding the perfect winter home for your plants is providing as much sunlight as possible.

Pro tip: If your plants still are not getting enough sunlight, opt for a grow lamp/full-spectrum light bulb to give them all the light they need!

Keep them Clean

Help your plants soak up as much light as they can by keeping them clean! Dusting your houseplants helps prevent the pores in the leaves from getting clogged, which slows down the process of photosynthesis.

Pro tip: Instead of simply dusting them off, every few weeks give your plants a little bath! Whether you put your plants in the tub and rinse them with a hand-sprayer or simply wipe them down with a damp towel, this will help keep your plants clean and healthy.

Reduce Watering

Underwatering and overwatering plants is one of the top ways people lose their healthy houseplants. It is helpful to learn about each of your plants and understand the right amount of watering and the healthy watering schedule to keep them luscious and happy. This schedule, however, changes with the weather. Plants tend to become more dormant in the colder months due to less light, which leads to less growth, meaning that they need less water. A good rule of thumb is to water once the first inch or two of soil is dry, otherwise steer clear because overwatering can lead to your plants sitting in wet soil which can cause molds and funguses to grow.

Pro tip: Water with warm water in the winter, not only will this keep your plant hydrated, but it will help them grow by keeping them warm!

Keep Misting

Even though plants need less water in the winter, misting your plants every few days is a great way to keep them happy and healthy! Misting helps mimic a more natural environment when things like fog, rain and dew occur outdoors, especially during the winter months.

With these helpful tips, you and your plants will be going strong all winter long!

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