10 Moving Tips for an Easy Move

Couple In Room With Cardboard Boxes On Moving Day

Moving can be overwhelming and stressful, but it does not have to be. These moving tips are a sure way to make sure the entire process is easy, organized and less stress from start to finish. Let this process be one to enjoy, not dread.

1. Purge before packing. Packing and moving unnecessary items can make packing, and even unpacking, a bigger job than it needs to be. Here are some great items to purge:

    • Books
    • Cookbooks
    • Movies
    • Toys
    • Expired food
    • Toiletries and cosmetics
    • Craft supplies
    • Linens

2. Do little bits at a time. Packing is tiring, so you will want to break it up. Do not wait until the last minute, it will just add stress that you don’t need.

3. Make a packing list. This is a great way to organize your packing process. Start with rooms or areas that you will not need before you move such as books, items on shelves, etc. Really plan it out and set a timeline to each room. You will be sure to finish in time for moving day.

4. Use storage bags of various sizes. You can use these bags for multiple items that would otherwise be separate and loose in a box. Cords, screws/nails, silverware, pens/pencils, and bedside table drawers are just a few ideas to throw into a bag.

5. Tape bags of screws, nails, etc. to the item they belong to, so they stay together. Label the bag with what it goes to just in case it gets torn off or separated in the move.

6. Use towels, blankets, and pillows as padding for breakables. Do not pack them all together, instead, use them around items for additional protection.

7. Label cords and remotes with tape and a sharpie and put them all in the same bag or bin.

8. Along with what is in the box, label your boxes with the room they belong to so unloading is easier. When your friends or moving company unload the boxes, they can drop them in the room it belongs in.

9. If you can, hire a moving company to do the actual move. The moving company will come with all the tools to do the heavy lifting. They are usually more efficient, cutting the move time down tremendously. You can just sit back and supervise.

10. Have a moving party. If you cannot hire a moving company, ask for help and provide snacks, drinks and goodies for those who help. Your friends and family members will appreciate the thought.

I hope you found these tips helpful. May your next move be a little bit easier.

Moving Tips