How To: Prepare Your House to Sell

douglas-sheppard-522206-unsplashSpring is here and now is the perfect time to sell your house. However, selling your house isn’t easy and there’s a lot that goes into process. Preparing before you even list your house is important. Not sure where to start? Follow these tips and you’ll be ready in no time.


Purge and Declutter

A cluttered home doesn’t look good in pictures which can potentially turn buyers away from even viewing your home.  You want your buyer to see the home for what it is, a beautiful structure ready for its next occupant. Purging will also help with your move to your new home.  You’ll have less to move and several items will already be packed and ready when the time comes.



You want potential buyers to see their next home and not a house that is someone else’s. You want the home to be neutral and ready for those who walk through to visualize themselves living there. Replace family photos with easy prints from Etsy or that perfect sunrise photo from the other morning. Removing frames, kids’ artwork, toys and personal items from countertops will really help make the house feel ready for the next occupants. Not sure what to remove? Hiring a consultant to come in and help you determine what should stay or go helps tremendously.



As well as removing personal items, painting is a part of de-personalizing. Neutral walls create a blank slate for buyers as they tour your home, making it easier for them to see your house as their next home. Spackle and refresh paint in any room that needs it. Do you have white walls that are looking a little drab? A gallon of fresh paint can go a long way and really boost the sale quality of your home.

Outdoor Beautification

Outdoor Beautification

Curb appeal and backyards are just as important as the interior of your house.  When a potential buyer pulls up, the exterior of your home will be their first impression. Make it a good one!  Take a step back and look at the home with fresh eyes. What would you see as someone just coming to look at your house for the first time. Weed, remove unnecessary shrubs, plants and trees, lay fresh bark and pressure wash the driveway. Clean the roof by sweeping off debris and treating for moss. And don’t forget to refreshing the exterior paint if it needs it.

Fix It

Fix It

Repair any damage and complete the projects you’ve been putting off.  Change your light bulbs, re-caulk your bathroom and kitchen tile and appliances.  Fix the leaky faucet and replace your broken trim. Start by walking through the house and making a list of anything and everything you can find, big or small. Completing your fix it list prior to listing your home to sell will save you some headaches later in the process.



It’s time to clean everything, from top to bottom.  This should be your final step before listing your house to sell. Take your cleaning to the next level with a deep, thorough cleaning. Wipe down your lights, walls, trim and cabinets. Clean the windows and gutters and don’t forget those pesky cobwebs in the corners!  Cleaning is something you can do yourself or you can hire professional to come in and do a deep clean.

There’s a lot that goes into selling your home. You want your home to feel comfortable and appeal to potential buyers.  If you take the above steps, not only will you prepare your house to sell but help sell it faster.

Ready to list your house? Contact me, I’d love to be your real estate agent.

How to Prepare Your House to Sell

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