The 6 Things You Must Do When Getting Ready to Sell Your Home

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When you’re getting ready to sell your home, there’s a bunch of items to check off the to-do list. I understand how overwhelming and consuming it can be. It’s key that you separate the tasks into achievable to-do lists and exercise some patience with yourself – it won’t all happen in a day!

These 6 steps are designed to get you thinking as you begin your home selling journey:

Rid the Clutter

Follow the general rule of thumb of hiding about 30% of the extra items you have laying around the home – boxes, clothing, chairs, papers, books, the list goes on. Whether you get rid of these and donate them, or you

Neutralize the Interior

You may have loved that bright blue accent wall, but John and Jane Doe might not. Be sure you utilize neutral colors for your interior – either repaint, or remove bright, quirky objects around the home that you’ve used to personalize it to fit your style. Your guests need to be able to picture themselves in your home.

Hide the Pets!

Be sure that the pets are out of the house when you’re hosting showings – this way you avoid them jumping up on (or running out to) the unsuspecting strangers, the bothersome noises, AND you tackle the issue of pet fur and dander that may cause allergy flare ups for your guests.

Let the Light In

Whether you are optimizing your interior lighting or the natural light coming in from the windows, make sure you open the blinds and replace all the light bulbs.

Make it Smell Good

You’ve probably heard of the common “bake cookies” suggestion for home sellers. This is a great solution to make the house smell like home for your guests, or you can simply run to the local candle store and grab some candles or scented plug-ins to add around the house for showing purposes.

Hold Off on the Home Improvement

This doesn’t mean that you can’t finish the projects you had in your lineup – always finish replacements and fixer upper projects, but don’t start a huge renovation makeover when you’re close to selling. You likely won’t make profit on your investment that way.

Are you selling your home shortly? Which of these tips was the most helpful to you? Sound off in the comments below and add your tips for others!

Getting Ready to Sell Your Home


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