Five Projects That Will Add Value to Your Home This Summer

Every season provides opportunities for projects that can increase your home’s value, but it is summer that seems to be the headlining season for home improvements! The sunshine and warm air provide the perfect setting for major projects to get done that help your home’s value increase.

Here are five projects that will add value to your home this summer:

Pressure Wash Your Home

Pressure washing is one of the easiest ways to improve the appearance of your home after a winter of rain and snow. After rinsing your home’s exterior, walkways and driveway it will look good as new! Don’t own a pressure washer? No problem! Finding a pressure washer to rent near you is a simple process.

Replace Your Siding

Though this project is always best to leave to the professionals (as it requires precise measuring, cutting and installing), the summer is the perfect time to ditch your old siding and protect your home by adding new vinyl siding. Since siding is designed to protect your home from water damage, it is important to make sure your siding is up-to-date to keep your home dry and damage-free. In addition to providing protection, new siding also adds to the appearance of your home, making the exterior look brand new!

Replace Your Windows

There really is no better time to tackle the project of replacing windows than in the summer, when it is warm and dry enough to not cause too much of an inconvenience to the process. Though this is a spendy project to invest in, cutting off the draftiness of old windows can help cut your home’s energy bill in half by better preserving the work of your home’s heating and cooling system. New windows also add major value to your home, with a high return on investment percentage when it comes to your home’s market value.

Restain Your Deck and Fencing

Show off your outdoor spaces this summer with a newly restrained deck and fencing! With summer barbecues and pool parties, this is a great project to do at the beginning of the summer season, but it will add value to your home no matter what time of the summer you do it. Staining helps to protect your outdoor surfaces from weather damage, which can be expensive to fix if your patio and fencing does not have protective coating.

Replace Your Roof

Summer is the perfect time to tackle getting a new roof if it is time to replace your old one. Though this is a big project, putting off replacing your roof makes your home vulnerable to mold and water damage which are irreversible once it happens. Help make this project as stress-free as possible by giving yourself enough time to research roofers in your area to find just the right fit for your home.

Whether the projects are big or small, take advantage of the warm weather and increase your home’s value this summer!

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