8 Tips on Making the Most of Your New Year’s Eve Party

We sing the song all through December, but now it is time to ask – what are YOU doing New Year’s Eve? The best way to welcome a new year is being surrounded (safely) by those you love, and nothing beats a New Year’s Eve party!

Welcome in 2022 with these 8 tips for hosting a party that everyone will not want to end even after the clock strikes twelve!


Not only is decluttering a necessity after the holidays and before hosting a party, but taking time to clean up, dispose of things you no longer need and get organized is also beneficial mentally. Take some time to reflect inward and mentally declutter as well, allowing the new year to begin with a fresh start!

Decorate a New Year’s Tree

Bring back the age-old tradition of decorating a New Year’s tree! Give your Christmas tree new life by decorating it with tinsel, clocks, noise-makers, disco balls, and whatever else fits your party theme!

Put Up a Photo Wall

It almost goes without saying nowadays, but every good party needs a photo wall!  Designate a wall and create your perfect party theme backdrop. Make it festive with clocks, horns, streamers, champagne glasses, props, and more! Want to go the extra step? Create a personalized hashtag for the night for everyone to use when they post their photos online!

Jazz Up the Bar Cart

Along with a New Year’s tree, take some time to decorate the other main space of night – the bar cart! Deck it out with tinsel, streamers, and even some small props. Make sure it is stocked for everyone’s preferences (including some nonalcoholic options), and plenty of champagne!

Dress Up

Another age-old tradition on New Year’s Eve is dressing to the nines! We are talking suits, ties, fancy dresses and high heels! Any opportunity to stray from the casualness makes a party feel more special. If fancy attire does not go with your theme, make it a costume or themed party!

Gratitude Game

Similar to Thanksgiving, it is always meaningful to share what you are grateful for as one year comes to a close and another begins. Either at the meal or during a time of toasts, have everyone share their best moment from the last year.

Signature Drink

Add your own personal touch to the night with a signature drink! Maybe this is your own special take on a simple glass of champagne, or maybe you want to get adventurous with your own mixology! Whatever you decide, a signature drink adds a special personal touch to any celebration.

Resolution Jar

Finally, what is New Year’s without the resolutions? Set up a “Resolutions” station that includes pens, pencils, and little slips of paper that allow people to write their resolutions and keep them in their wallet, pocket, or purse. For a special twist to make the night more personal, add a ribbon to the slips of paper and invite people to hang their resolutions on the New Year’s tree!

Ring in the new year with love, celebration and a great party with these helpful tips!

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