Six Sustainable Fall Decor Ideas for Your Home

With the last weeks of September slipping by and summer fading with it, the coziest seasons are upon us! It is hard to tell which season people are more excited to decorate for, fall or Christmas! But with home good stores stocking up on all things autumn, it is hard to escape all the pumpkin-shaped mugs and farmhouse signs flying off the shelves! The wonderful thing about autumn decorating is that essentially, we are all just trying to bring the outdoor beauty inside our homes, which makes decorating for fall a perfect season to make the switch to sustainable decor!

Here are six sustainable fall decor ideas for your home!

Seasonal Flowers

One of the easiest ways to bring a pop of color to any space is a vase of seasonal flowers! Nothing screams fall like a bouquet of beautiful, bright sunflowers or daisies. Get creative and do something a little different with a bouquet of dried flowers, which will give a more rustic feel to your space. There are easy ways to be sustainable with your vases too! Try cleaning and reusing a kombucha bottle for a dark amber vase, or an old wine bottle with a beautiful label for something a little more unique.

Real Gourds

Ditch the plastic pumpkins and synthetic squashes for the real deal! Nothing bought at a department store can beat the beauty of the real thing, and when the season’s done they can be composted. Take a fun day trip to your local pumpkin patch and pick up some big pumpkins for your porch and for making jack-o-lanterns, then grab some smaller squashes and gourds to decorate your table, fireplace mantel, and around the house!

Stovetop Potpourri

Nothing makes a home feel cozier than warm fall scents like citrus and spices filling the air. Make the switch from fall scented candles to stovetop potpourri! Stovetop potpourri, or simmer pots, are a great way to use seasonal, fresh ingredients to make your home smell incredible! In order to not waste food, use the peels of apples or oranges, along with spices like cinnamon sticks to create an amazing autumnal scent that is just your own!

Dried Orange Garland

Bring a splash of orange to your space to really get that fall feel with a garland of dried oranges! Not only is dried orange garland easy to make, but it will last a long time (well past autumn)! Use a natural twine as the string to make the whole strand a sustainable decor item. This will not only add a natural autumnal feel to your home, but the process of baking the oranges on a low heat will make your space smell amazing!

Seasonal Greenery

Another fun and easy way to stay sustainable with your fall decor is by utilizing natural seasonal pieces! While you’re at the pumpkin patch getting your pumpkins to decorate with, maybe go a step further and pick-up some dried corn stalks or a bale of hay to decorate your porch with! Not only do these larger pieces make the outside of your home look like an autumn wonderland, but they can be composted when the season’s done.

Shop Local

As is true any time of the year, shopping local and small businesses is a more sustainable option than going to the department store. Visit your local farmer’s market to pick-up some great seasonal art pieces, mugs, baked goods, clothing and more!

However you choose to decorate, keep sustainable options in mind and switch where you can! Happy Fall!

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