Healthy Home Habits for the New Year

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is when all of the lists come out: to-do, resolutions and home projects. Before the start of a new year, we all stop to take a minute and evaluate our current situations, whether that be our lifestyle, relationships, jobs or our home environment. Though goal-setting is important, it is also important to give ourselves grace to not be perfect when it comes to meeting all of the resolutions we set. This year, make it a little easier with some goals that not only help create a healthier lifestyle, but help your home life too!

Here are some healthy home habits to start this new year!

Make Your Bed Each Morning

Start the day off on the right foot by making your bed each morning! Though this may seem insignificant, you may be surprised how a simple habit like this can not only positively affect your mindset at the start of the day, but also how keeping the focal point of your bedroom neat and tidy will help in keeping the room clean as well. Not to mention, there is no better feeling than climbing into a freshly-made bed every night!

Shoes Off

One of the healthiest home habits you can start this year is keeping a shoes-off household. Scientific studies have shown that most shoes carry hundreds of thousands of bacteria, which no one would want to spread throughout their carpet and furniture in their home. Help keep your space clean by having a designated spot near your door for shoes!

Ditch the Junk Drawer

We all have one, that one drawer in the laundry room or kitchen that becomes the “catch-all” drawer. But when it comes down to it, at that moment you need new batteries or to find an envelope and stamp, how helpful is it really to dig through the overflowing junk drawer? A clearer space helps to clear the mind, and definitely reduces the chance of frustration in the moment of needing something and not being able to find it! Take an extra few minutes in the new year to organize this space so that it’s functional!

Introduce Indoor Plants

Not only are indoor plants a beautiful addition to any room, but they come with health benefits for you and your home as well. Certain common household plants actually improve air quality, making your home a healthier environment for everyone! Maybe even take it a small step further and grow some of your own food! Growing things like herbs and microgreens for your kitchen is not only a great way to incorporate healthier, more natural ingredients in your cooking, but it is a great sustainable option as well!

Freshen Up Your Coffee Pot

There is no better way to start each morning than with a fresh cup of coffee! One habit that is often skipped by homebrewers is the descaling processes. Using a 50-50 solution of water and white vinegar, look up how to properly descale your personal machine and get into the habit of making it a monthly or bi-monthly practice. Not only will this get you a better tasting cup of coffee, it gets rid of the mineral scale buildup and gives your machine an internal deep clean!

Whatever may be on your list of new year resolutions, creating a healthier home space for you and your house is a great place to start!

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