Five Puget Sound Destinations to Visit

When you buy a home, you are also buying the area. Most of my clients are looking to the Puget Sound to find their perfect nook around the vast waters. I figured I could offer some incredible must-stop spots to explore and connect with local communities in the Puget Sound. These five Puget Sound destinations to visit will knock your socks off!

Separating Whidbey Island from Fidalgo Island, Deception Pass is one of the most beautiful, and slightly terrifying, state parks in the Puget Sound. This destination is most famous for its high bridges that provide a spectacular view of the water. If you’re looking to explore the area on foot, getting down to the sound does not come as a challenge. Here lies jaw-dropping cliffs, secluded beaches, and immersive hikes for an all around wonderful PNW experience.

On the Puget Sound, the Point Defiance Park is a hot spot for locals and tourist alike. This park offers various hiking trails that restrict vehicles during certain times of the day for a truly enchanting experience. Another notable feature of this park would be its accessibility. In the last blog, we talked about scenic hikes, but what if you’re not a hiker? Point Defiance Park has it all offering two five-mile drive loops. This means that vehicles can drive through nature and enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of their own vehicle.

Coming into Spring, the weather is assumed to start warming up. Though, this doesn’t take away from the fact that warming up in the Puget Sound hovers around the 50’s. If your lovely home doesn’t include a hot tub, I may have the spot for you. Located in Port Angeles, the Olympic Hot Springs consists of 21 hot springs. These hot springs are surrounded by luscious rainforests making them the perfect sanctuary to destress.

The San Juan islands are a unique set of neighboring islands with rich cultures and communities.  Though these islands offer many different adventures, Lopez Island stands out from the crowd. There are many museums, shops, and cafes located on the island though it is most notable for its cycling. Starting in April, Lopez Island offers four routes at 5, 12, 17, and 31 miles. Whatever your pace, the “Tour de Lopez” is an invigorating experience you can’t miss out on!

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