Five Easy Tricks to Help Get Your Home Organized

As the cold starts to thaw and warm weather is just around the corner, it is almost time for spring cleaning! Since this year was one spent almost entirely in the house, there is no doubt that shelves, corners and closets have started accumulating piles of miscellaneous items, growing larger each month. Spring cleaning is a perfect way to make your home feel fresh, organized and overall more enjoyable to live in!

Here are five helpful tips for organizing your home!

Create a Homebase

Now that your house is an office, a classroom and a home, now more than ever it is important to make sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle! To make things easy, create a homebase where you keep sticky pads, a calendar and a pen, so that you never have to go searching when you need them. In order to save space, using adhesive pockets on the inside of cabinet doors is a great solution to keeping countertops clear and still having one central location to keep track of important dates and tasks.

Opt for Drawer Organizers

Get the most out of your drawer spaces by using drawer organizers! Though it may seem easier to just throw things in one large open drawer space, dividers actually help make the space more manageable and productive to use. Dividers allow you to see all of the items at once, as opposed to having to dig around for what you need, and mixing and matching different sized organizers allows you to make sure everything has a place when you need to find something.

Learn to File Fold

One of the most popular organization hacks right now is file folding! File folding is a type of fold that allows you to stack your items upright and in a line compared to piling your items on top of one another. This allows you to be able to see everything at one time without having to dig under piles for what you are looking for. You can use this method all throughout your home with your clothes, dish towels, sheets, and bath towels! If you want to take it a step further, you can use file folding to easily color code your drawers and shelves as well!

Switch to Clear Containers

Kitchen counters and pantry spaces are always subject to clutter and disorganization, clear containers are a simple and easy fix to help get things in order. Clear containers allow you to see at a glance your food storage, making it easier to grab what you need without much fuss. For your kitchen counters, using clear containers to store and neatly arrange treats can add a little style to your kitchen space as well!

Designate a Drop Zone

We all have that corner next to the front door where things like shoes, umbrellas, shopping bags, jackets and other miscellaneous items end up in a jumbled mess, creating a “drop zone” is the perfect way to help keep it controlled! Once you designate a spot that works best for your “drop zone” make the most of the space by incorporating a storage bin, shoe rack or shelves to keep your space organized when you are on the move!

Take advantage of your spring cleaning to get organized and get the most out of your home!

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